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    Setup: Individual Elimination Matches

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    We recommend setting up a planning board in a spreadsheet so that you can plan out how you will use your field. The planning board should list each division and the number of archers for each. You will then determine which round each division will start in (ie. 1/8th round), which targets they will use, and which match they will start in. Keep this sheet handy for later.


    First, add additional timeslots (under Tournament Settings). Refer to your planning to determine how many matches you will have. In the example above, all divisions start in the 1/16 round at the same time, so five matches are needed (assuming the gold and bronze medal matches happen at the same time).


    Next, you are going to create a Match Event. Navigate to the Events List (under Tournament Settings and Manage Events). Add a new event with type equal to "Match Event". Here we have named the event "Elimination Round". Do not select "Visible" as we want to keep the event hidden until the ranking round is complete. Click "Save".
    Your new event will now show on the list as well as in the left hand menu.


    Next, you will add shooting sessions for each match. Click on Event 2 and then "Manage Shooting Sessions". Create sessions for each timeslot you added earlier.


    Now you will create your categories. Each category will have its own bracket for eliminations.
    Select "Individual Elimination" for Match Event Type. Select your desired Scoring Rules. If following World Archery rules, then you will use Cumulative for compound and fixed pin matches and Set System for recurve and barebow. All disciplines do 5 ends and 3 arrows per end.
    Select the Parent Category that you are making the bracket for. It will show how many archers are in that category. This will help you determine their starting round. BYES will automatically be added if there are fewer archers than the max for a round (ie. 27 archers would start in the 1/16th round with some BYES). Click "Save".
    You have now added your first category. Repeat this for your remaining categories.


    Next we will add target assignments for our bracket. Click "Show" for the category of interest.
    Here you can see the list of matches for each round.
    If you scroll to the bottom, you can see the list of archers will eventually populate this bracket.
    To add target assignments, you can type an assignment in individually into each box on the list of matches (boxes under the "Target" column). You can also use the "Simple Field Layout Manager".
    This tool lets you assign targets to all matches easily. 1. Automatically set following sessions. We recommend keeping this active. 2. Select the session for your first round. This is typically match 1. 3. Set the starting target. Refer to your planning board to see which targets your categories will use. To use the special options, such as '!' - don't assign targets to byes, add the special character after your target # (ie. 1!) 4. Lastly, select how many archers per target. In your first rounds you will likely have two matches per target which means 4 archers per target. For later matches you will likely switch to 2 archers per match. For medal matches you could go down to 1 archer per target. 5. Click "Set for All Rounds"
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