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    Setup Office 365 backup from the web portal

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    Navigate to your admin portal.
    Open the user account you would like to setup Office 365 backup on by going to Accounts > User.
    Click "Protected Items"
    Click "Add protected item..."
    Choose the device that you would like to set the backup on.
    Office 365 backup requires using a device to backup and encrypt the data from Office 365. Data will flow from Office 365 to the endpoint and then the data will be handed off to either a local storage vault or the Magnus Box storage network.
    Click name field and give the protected item a friendly name. We used "Office 365 Backup" in the example below. Then click "Microsoft Office 365" from the Type list.
    Click "Next >"
    Click "Azure Active Directory"
    Type in an email address tied to the client's Office 365 account. Then click "Next"
    Copy the code that was generated and then click "[]("
    Paste the code and click Next.
    Enter the client's Office 365 admin account credentials.
    Type in the account password and click "Sign In"
    Click "Continue" and then you can close out of this screen.
    Return to the Magnus Box admin portal where the code was and wait for the registration process to finish. This can take a few moments.
    Once it has been completed, you can verify the credentials by clicking the "Test Connection" button.
    Once "Test Connection" shows "Authentication validation passed" you can click on next.
    Now select the user accounts you would like to backup and then click "Next".
    After the "Items" screen, you will be configuring the backup schedule. This is just the normal process. We have detailed that process in the coming steps if you need help with setting the backup schedule.
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