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    Setup ScreenConnect Client OSX - (External)

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    Type in the code that your tech gives you. "02810" Press [[Enter]]
    Click "Downloads"
    Click "Open in Finder"
    Double-click on (IT will unzip the ScreenConnect Client to the Downloads folder.
    Double-click this ScreenConnect Client
    Click "Open"
    2 Security boxes will pop open, this one first then another when done. 1. Screen Connect Client would like to control this computer...\ Click "Open System Settings"
    The Accessibility Control Panel will Open, Click the Slider Button next to the ScreenConnect Client. The Slider will Slide right and turn blue. (You will most likely HAVE to put in your Mac Computer Password)\ \ CLOSE this window when you see the Blue slider next to the ScreenConnect.
    Next is to Allow this App to "Record the screen"\ \ Open Apple computer Settings > Go to Privacy and Security > Screen Recording.\ \ Click on the slider next to ScreenConnect Client\ \ Security will ask you for your password - Please put in your password and hit OK.
    If your technician connects before you do this (The box below will pop up)\ Click: Open System Settings > Click the Slider next to ScreenConnect Client\ Put in your password and when the slider is blue you are done. JUST like the Step above!
    Finally the last approval box should pop up at the end.\ \ Click "OK"\ \ You should be done and your Technician will have full control to help you with your computer problems.
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