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    SharePoint - Editing the Navigation Links

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      This will only apply to the Site that you are in. If there are other SharePoint Sites, you'll need to replicate your actions.
      Click "Edit".


      Click on the 3 dots next to the link
      Click "Remove"


      Click and hold on the 2 lines to the left of the link, and drag into the new desired posistion.


      Click on the add icon at the bottom of the list.
      Select from the list. A Link is for a URL, the Hub options are for internal associated Hubs, and a Label is if you want to create a group of links.
      Enter the "Address"
      Choose the "Display Name"
      Remember to keep this concise, as a longer name may truncate on smaller screens.
      Decide if you'd like this to open in a new tab or not, then press "OK".
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