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    SharePoint - Sharing a file with edit permissions

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    Navigate to the file you wish to share within the online SharePoint site.
    Click the three vertical dots next to the file you wish to share.
    Click "Share"
    Click "People you specify can view" to edit the link settings.
    To share with someone outside of Darlington, you will need to select "Specific People"
    If you want the receipent to be able to edit or download the file check the "Allow editing" box.
    To make sure the receipent can edit the file, click on the pencil dropdown on the right hand side, and select "Can Edit".
    Click the "To: Name, group or email" field and enter the email address of the receipent. Click on their email when it pops up below.
    If the email is outside of Darlington, it will warn you.
    Click "Send"
    Done! You may now close this window.
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