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    Sharing a Document

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      For this specific example we are going to use a Word document, but it's important to note that you can share other types of documents, such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets, and more, using the same method.
      Click to open the file you want to share.
      Inside the document, on the right side corner, click "Share".
      A new window will open, click "People in your organization with the link can view".
      The sharing settings window will open, you will have different options to share the document\ **Anyone-** You can share the document with who ever has the link, this option also allows you to set a pin for the document. **People in Bragg Investment Company-** This means that document will only be shared to people within the organization, it doesn't matter if someone external has the link. \ \ **People with existing access-** If you had provided access to the document before, here you can see who has access. **People you choose-** Here you can add the email of the person you wan to share this with.
      Choosing different options will reveal a **More settings** tab, offering the ability to specify the group's permissions, whether they can edit the document, review it, or solely view it.
      In addition to providing choices for who can view, edit, or review the document, the **More Settings** tab, based on your selection, also allows you to set a password for added document security.
      Additionally, you'll have the option to choose "Block Download," which serves to prevent individuals from downloading the item and sharing it elsewhere.
      After configuring your preferred settings, click "Apply" to save the changes.
      After you applied the changes, click "Copy link" to send the link with the changes to whoever you want.
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