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    HOW TO Share files/images to DOCNZ.

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    Click "Drop your best shots HERE!" or go to <>
    Click "I accept"
    Click "I agree"
    OR if you get THIS screen click "I just want to send files"
    -in "Email to" field type "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])" - in "Your email" field type YOUR EMAIL
    - in "Title" field type "YOUR NAME"
    - in "Message" field type "when and where photo was snapped"
    - Go to file location of your photo(s) or file(s) on your computer. - Select, then drag & drop files anywhere on the WETRANSFER screen - Files will appear at the top of the status field Your file appear where it says "Ducati Photo.jpeg"
    Click "Transfer"
    - Go to your email - Copy the verification code from email - Click the "Enter verification code" field - Paste the verification code in this field
    Click "Verify"
    Files transfer
    DONE! - You'll receive an email once sent - and another email once your files have been downloaded

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