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    Sharing your Outlook Calendar (Web App)

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    Navigate to [](
    On the top center right click "Share"
    This will bring up a dialog box where you can enter in an email to share your calendar with. Click the "Enter an email address or contact name" field and enter the recipients email address here.
    Note: This field uses the same information as your Outlook's "To:" field, so it may populate automatically after a few characters are entered.
    Next, select what access you would like for this person to have to your email. Can view when I'm busy - They can only see when you are available or busy. No other details are available. Can view event titles and locations - The titles of all meetings and locations, (if available) can be viewed, other attendees are not available Can view all details - Can view everything about the meeting.
    When you have finished making your selections, click "Share"
    If you initially selected the wrong access level, you may edit it in this dropdown box. If their access needs to be removed, click on the trash can icon to the far right.
    Now below you will see the added email address and what kind of access they have to your calendar.
    When you are finished, click the "X" symbol on the top right to exit this screen and return to your calendar.
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