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    Show/Hide Menu items

        Click on the gear on the top right corner
        Click "Settings"
        Click "Menu" Tab
        Below visible, uncheck the modules you don't want to show
        Here we unchecked "School" and "Expiration Calendar" and clicked on Save
        We see below that "School" and "Expiration Calendar" no longer show in the menu
        How to add or remove submodules from menu. Click on the Module. Here we click on "Assignments"
        This opens up all the submodules under Assignments
        Here we uncheck "COBAIT" and "School" and click on "Save"
        "School" and "COBAIT" no longer show under "Assignments"
        The order of the Modules and Submodules in the menu can also be changed simply by dragging with a mouse. Here we have dragged "HIPAA" below "Contacts" and click on "Save".
        We now see "HIPAA" below "Contacts" in the Menu

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