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    SmartRecruiters: Self-Schedule Interviews

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    On the candidate's profile click "Interviews", click the "Schedule" drop down and choose "Invite to self-schedule"
    In the "Interview Type" dropdown click "Video Interview" In the "Where" dropdown select "Other video" Set the Duration of the interview.
    Add a checkmark next to the calendars of any one else from your hiring team who will be on the interview team. They must have enabled you to have visibility to their calendar for their schedule to display.
    Select a range of times on the calendars when you would like to create interview slots. When the Availability Options popup displays choose "Add". Repeat to carve out multiple time slots.
    Note: By default Smart Recruiters will dynamically check your calendar for conflicts and prevent candidates from scheduling interviews at times when someone on the interview team has a 'Busy' event on their calendar. Choosing "Place hold on interviewers calendars" both places a hold on the calendars AND ignores any other events on the calendar during those times, ensuring those slots are available to the candidates.
    In the Email to Candidate section clcik the Select template dropdown and choose the Zoom email template. You may customize the message as you wish. the [m_job_title] tags will merge information into the message from the job or candidate's profile.
    In a new tab, navigate to []( Click "Sign in" Click "Schedule a Meeting"
    Give the meeting a name. You don't need to set the date or time (zoom meetings don't need to start at the scheduled time). Ensure the meeting has a passcode and waiting room enabled.
    In options choose Show. Add the email addresses of anyone else on the interview team as alternate hosts that could start the meeting.
    Click "Save"
    Click "Copy Invitation" Click "Copy Meeting Invitation"
    Swith back to the SmartRecruiters tab. Select the "DeleteAndPasteZoomInformation" text and delete it. Then past the Zoom invitation you just copied.
    Copy the zoom meeting link and paste into the location box above.
    Click "SEND"
    The interview invitation will display in the candidate's profile.
    The candidate will receive an email invitation. When they click "Schedule Your Interview" they will be presented with the different time slots available. They can select their preference and choose to "Schedule Interview"
    An event will be added to your Google calendar with the chosen interview time.

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