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    Software Engineering Pre-Work Submission

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    Navigate to the pre-work course at <>.\ \ If you are already logged in and on the course's home page, skip ahead to step four (4).
    Click "Log In"
    Continue with your preferred login method.
    Click "Go To Course"
    Take a screenshot of the "Week 1" page using **Windows Key + Prt Sc** (Print Screen) on Windows, or **Command + Shift + 4** on Mac. \ \ On Windows, you will find your screenshots in the Pictures folder under Screenshots. On Mac, you may find them on your Desktop or within your Documents folder.\ \ **Ensure that your screenshot includes:** - Your name (top right corner) - "All videos completed," "All readings completed," and "1 graded assessment left" under the section title "Get started with web development."
    Click "Week 2" and repeat the process above to take a screenshot for Week 2 progress. Your Week 2 progress screenshot may include more than **one** (1) graded assignment left.
    Navigate to the pre-work submission link provided to you.
    Click the "Your Email Address" field.
    Enter your email address.
    Click the "Choose File" button for Week 1 progress, and select your Week 1 progress screenshot from the steps above.
    Repeat this process for Week 2 by clicking the "Choose File" button for Week 2 progress, and selecting your Week 2 progress screenshot from the steps above.
    Click "Submit."

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