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    Space Analytics 2.0 Walk-through

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    Click on the analytics icon in the top menu to access Space Analytics 2.0.
    **The Engagement Widget**\ \ This widget gives you an overview of participant engagement during the past 30 days. The "traffic light" indicates how engaged participants are in the space so you can make the most of your time and plan actions accordingly. - Green light = Participants have been active in the space today - Yellow light = Participants have been active in the space in the past seven days - Orange light = Participants have been active in the space in the past 30 days - Red light = There has been no participant activity in the space for 30 days or longer
    **The Traffic Widget**\ \ This widget visualizes who has visited the space, when, and for how long. Click on a participant in the list to get an understanding of that specific participant's traffic behavior.
    **The Resource Widget**\ \ This widget takes content insights to the next level! Choose to view a list and graph sorted on resources or flip the tab and view it sorted on participants. Click on a resource or participant to see view time per resource, downloads, shares, etc.
    **The Meeting Widget**\ In this widget, you can view meeting participation, recordings, duration, and much more with the built-in panels for participants and meetings. Please note that data only shows for SPCE built-in meeting solution.
    **The To-do Widget**\ \ See the status of to-dos in the space and who is currently in charge of them.
    **The Chat Widget**\ \ See who is communicating in the space and how much.

    Analytics for Public Spaces

    The data in public rooms is anonymous but will still provide great insights into customer behavior.

    Filter to exclude/include internal users

    Click on the filter button and check or uncheck the box to filter our internal SP_CE users.
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