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    Step-by-Step Guide: Creating and Updating Posts with Featured Images and Tags

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    Login: Navigate to your domain and add wp-admin to the end to reach the login screen
    Once logged in and in the dashboard, click "Posts"
    Click "Add New"
    Add the Title and type or paste in the actual post.
    Make sure the Author is you (it should be if you logged in as yourself)
    Click "Set featured image"
    Choose one from the Media Library or Upload a new one by clicking on the Upload files tab and choosing one from your computer. Before you upload a new one, name it with keywords, no special characters or spaces (use hyphens instead of spaces to separate words). Make sure it is below 1MB large (optimize the image over at []( if you need to).
    After you upload or find the image, click "Set featured image"
    Click off the Categories this should appear in. Choose 1-3 Categories.
    Either start typing a new tag or Click "Choose from the most used tags"
    Choose all of the tags that apply to this article.
    Click this button to make the post live right now.
    If you want to schedule this post so that it goes live in the future, Click "Edit"
    Click this dropdown to change the month and then change the date and time if you would like the post to be live in the future.
    Click "OK"
    Now you see you have a Schedule button. Click this button.
    To edit any post, when you are on that post viewing it, you can click "Edit Post" in the top bar.
    You can also edit a post by Clicking "All Posts"
    To bulk edit multiple posts at once like assign a bunch to a category at once, do this: Click the box next to all of the posts that will be in this category.
    Click this dropdown and choose Edit.
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