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    Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create a Sandbox in Salesforce

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    From your org, click here.
    Click here.
    Type and click "Sandboxes" in the "Quick Find" field.
    Click this button.
    Input an easy to identify name in the "Name" field. Note that spaces and special characters aren't permitted in the "Name" field. In this case, we changed "Flows Test" to "FlowsTest."
    Click this button.
    Click this button.
    Note that it may take awhile for the sandbox to be created. In this case, the status will state "Pending."
    Once done, the status will say "Completed," and you can log into the sandbox by clicking here.
    A sandbox "Username" always has ".[nameofsandbox] appended to the end. In this case, it's my usual username of "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])" with ".flowstest" appended at the end.
    Enter your typical password here.
    Click "Remember me"
    Click this button.
    You may now safely experiment with different flows or other settings without risking a negative impact on your production org.
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