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    Step-by-step guide to create your Career Pathway Account.

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    If you are employed by a licensed child care center then you are required to be a Career Pathway Participant and not a Registry Participant.
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Professionals"
    Click on Join, you will then be prompted to select an enrollment option. Please click on Career Pathway Participant, review the instructions and then click on Apply Online.
    **Complete Applicant Information –** **Required Steps have an asterisk (\*)** **Create a Temporary Login Id – This should be a combination of your first and last names (i.e. dsmith).** Once your application has been approved you WV STARS Registry Id Number will be your login id.
    **Create your Password – (i.e. Dsmith23!)**  Recommended practices in developing passwords are as follows: - 8 characters at a minimum - Include a mixture of lower-case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.
    **Confirm Password** – if you make a mistake the system will let you know.
    **Enter your first name** and then enter your middle name or initial, this is not a required field but it is helpful to have as much distinguishing information as possible.
    **Enter your last name** as well as any previous last names that me be pertinent to your school and career history (i.e. maiden name).
    **Enter your date of birth.**
    **Enter line one of your mailing address,** enter line two of your mailing address if necessary.
    **Enter the city where you currently reside.**
    **Select the state where you currently reside from the drop-down menu.**
    **Enter the zip code of the city where you reside.**
    **Select your county of residence from the drop-down menu -** if you live in another state you will select "Out of state".
    **Enter your primary phone number.**
    **Enter your primary email address -** please make sure this is valid, as this is the primary way WV STARS will communicate with you.
    Click "**Next** »" to move to the next section.
    **Participation Agreement** - read and click Agree.
    Click "**Next** »" to move to the next section.
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