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    Step-by-step guide to scheduling an exam appointment at the test center

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      Please DO NOT use the Safari browser to access RegisterBlast.
      Log in to Canvas and select the course that you are registering an exam for. Once in the course, select "RegisterBlast" in the navigation panel.
      Please note the center that you are scheduling for. If you would like to schedule at a different location, you may do so as you progress through the form.
      Always select "Academic Testing" from the dropdown menu.
      Select the course from the dropdown menu - this should be a limited list.
      Select the appropriate exam. If an exam is not listed here, your instructor has not submitted it or the Test Center has not yet approved it. Follow up with your instructor if this is the case.
      Select the date you are looking to schedule. Only dates that the exam is open will be available for you to select.
      Select a time - appointments are available in 10-minute increments.
      Read through the acknowledgement information and if you agree, select "I agree."
      Finally, click "Add to Cart."
      This will redirect you to a new screen where you simply need to click "Complete Registration." This will take you to a confirmation screen. You will also receive an email confirmation indicating your date, time, location, and any special conditions such as allowed calculators and allowed notes.
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