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    Step 5: Submit Application

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      After completing the "Map Your Skill Level" step, we'll use your responses to identify recommended courses for you based on your current technical knowledge, your interests, and our experience with what it takes to make it in the tech industry.
      It may take a few minutes to identify the right courses for you. Feel free to close your browser; you'll receive an email when your course recommendations are ready. Once you receive the email, open it and click the link provided to return to the Application Portal.
      Click on the "Submit Application" To Do to view your recommended courses.
      For each recommended course, click "See More" for a brief description of the course as well as the timeline and commitment required.
      Select your preferred section for each course you would like to apply to.
      Even though we recommend students only take one course a semester, we can't guarantee you'll be accepted into your preferred course given high demand. So, we'd encourage you to apply for any and all courses of interest. If accepted into multiple, you can choose which one to enroll in at that time.
      Make sure the preferred sections you select work with your schedule, as we are rarely able to accommodate section changes.
      Review recommended courses for upcoming semesters, and click "Join Waitlist" to be notified when registration opens for any courses of interest.
      Once you've selected a preferred section for each course you're interested in applying for, click "Save and Continue."
      Review your application carefully before submitting, clicking "Edit" to make any necessary changes.
      Because application questions impact which courses you are eligible to apply to, any changes to your answers may require you to redo the application steps that follow.
      If you signed in to the Application Portal using your email, you'll be promoted to "Sign In with GitHub" in order to submit your application. If you signed in to the Application Portal with GitHub, simply click "Submit Application."
      For more information on signing in with GitHub, review "Step 1: Sign In" instructions at[](
      After submitting your application, you'll be returned to the main application screen where you can access instructions to complete required prework.
      If you need support or have any more questions about our admissions process, please visit []( and click on Admissions.
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