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    String Rule

        Users have to right-click on the module name and follow the following steps to set the "String Rule".
        Click "Properties"
        Click here.
        Click "System Default Form"
        Click "Text Field 2"
        Click here.
        Click here.
        Click "String Rule"
        The "String Rule" setup is the same as the "Number Rule" setup. Please click on the following link to see the tutorial on "Number Rule". [](
        Let us consider the following example. A "String Rule" is created here. This rule will check for the string "Sick" in the input field, this is the condition. It will trigger if the condition "Pass" means this will work only if the string "Sick" is given as input. If the rule is triggered then the system will show an additional field which is a radio button with two options. Users will be able to select any one of them.
        The following processes show how the "String Rule" works in the form. "Text Field".
        When users inputted the string "Sick", "String Rule" was triggered by the system and an additional field "Instruction" was shown.
        Let us consider another example, in this case, the input was "My health condition is well. I'm not sick." Here the "String Rule" didn't trigger therefore addition field was not visible as well.
        Note that, to "Pass" the "String Rule", both conditional and user-inputted strings have to be exact.

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