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    Student Grades on PowerSchool Mobile (K-3)

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    Tip! For assistance with installing and setting up the PowerSchool Mobile app for your device, please see the[PowerSchool App for Families guide](
    When opening the app and signing in, you will be directed to the Dashboard. On the bottom navigation bar, click "Classes".
    You will be taken to the "Grid View" for your student. This is an overview of their courses and their grades throughout the school year. *\[See [Additional Notes]( for an overview of the calendar abbreviations\]*
    **Break Down of Grid View** **Report Card Grades**: Quarter 2 and 4 are the grades that will appear on your student's official report card. \[*Note: Due to this, students might not have a grade for their S1 or S2. This does not impact your student's academic standing or grade reports. Rather, it is just a part of our PowerSchool setup.*\] **Grade Scale**: In grades K through 3, students are assessed with the **MPI Expectations Scale**: - **M** - Meeting Standards/Expectations - **P** - Progressing Towards Standards - **I** - Improvement Needed - **Blank** - Standard/Skill Was Not Assessed for This Quarter/Semester **Percentages**: While you might see percentages, these are NOT a part of your student's official report card. PowerSchool is set up to display grade percentages, but our program does not utilize them in grade reporting. \[*Note: Due to this, you might see a 0% or a range of percentages. You may disregard these as they do not impact your student's grade reports.*\]
    **Where Are the Rest of the Grades?** You might see a lot of blank spaces in the grid view. This is normal! Our K-3 classes often grade based on Standards. Due to there being more than one standard in a course, there isn't an "overall" score to show in the grid view.
    **Viewing Grades** To see your student's grades, select the square for the course under the quarter you wish to view. \[*Reminder: For grades K-3, Quarter 2 and Quarter 4 are where your student's Report Card grades are.\]* A pop up window will appear with the course information and three tabs (Assignments, Attendance, and Standards). Click "**Standards**" to view the grades for your student in that course.
    **Another Way to View Grades** Additionally, you can select a Quarter or Semester from the top bar in Grid View to get to a full overview. This will allow you to focus on one Quarter or Semester report. \[*Reminder: For grades K-3, Quarter 2 and Quarter 4 are where your student's Report Card grades are. There might be missing grades in their Semester reports due to this set up. Please be sure to view Q2 or Q4 for what is on your student's report card.\]*
    **Additional Resources/Support**: View the [Student Grades on Powerschool (4-6)]( Guide View the [PowerSchool App for Families]( guide for Installation/Set Up Instructions [PowerSchool Mobile Support and Resources]( \[*For more tutorials, contacting support, and FAQs*\]
    **Additional Notes - School Calendar Abbreviations** This graphic helps break down the calendar and grade period abbreviations that you will see on PowerSchool. *\[Specific quarter end dates are determined each year, but follow this structure.\]*
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