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    Study Coordinator/Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

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      In the Duke ClinCard System

      Log in to the Duke ClinCard system at []( and register the participant under the **Register Participant** menu tab.
      Be certain you have searched for the participant under the **Look Up Participant** menu tab to verify they're not registered in the Duke ClinCard System before proceeding with registration.
      Enter the participant's social security number directly into the ClinCard system in the **Tax Identification Number (TIN)** field. Review the *TIN Validation Guide* for guidance.
      If you’re unable to enter the social security number directly, use the *Duke ClinCard Participant Form.* Complete the form and enter the information into the system. Once entered, destroy the *Duke ClinCard Participant Form*.
      Assign a Duke ClinCard to the participant. Use the **Token** number visible through the window of the envelope of the Duke ClinCard.
      Duke uses the ClinCard system for storing receipts. Collect receipts from the participants for reimbursements for travel-related expenses and upload the receipts to the Duke ClinCard system when requesting a Reimbursement Payment. Review the **Uploading a Receipt to the Duke ClinCard System** **QRG** for detailed instructions.
      Receipts must include the **Subject ID**, **Study ID**, and **Visit Name**.
      Receipts are no longer saved to Duke's Protected Directory. All Duke ClinCard receipts are uploaded and stored in the Duke ClinCard System.
      The IRB Personal Data Disclosure Form is no longer required for the Duke ClinCard.
      Ensure to remove any identifiable information on the receipt to the study participants. It's important we protect our participant's information.

      In Oncore

      Log into OnCore, confirm the participant visit in OnCore to support the ClinCard payment. If the visit happened, mark it **Occurred** in OnCore.
      Review the [**ClinCard Participant Payment Tip Sheet for CRC's**]( for guidance.
      Please watch the **Registering a Participant Video** and the **Assigning a Duke ClinCard Video** for a demonstration.
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