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    Styleandselect Workflow

    • Rachel Rice |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Start Styling"
    Enter your photographer's styling code and their email address if it hasn't already pre-populated. (This code is no longer valid)
    Click your preferred vibe.
    Click the number of people you are styling and their corresponding outfit sizes. Then enter in their name for reference.
    Pick your two color combinations. Always include neutrals; Ivory Tan & Browns and two accent colors.
    Favorite your selections with the heart tool to add them to your styling board or click the shopping cart to be taken to that link directly.
    Follow these steps with each person.
    Favorite outfit selections and options for each member.
    Favorite outfit selections and options for each member.
    Click "Send Selected Items"
    Click the "Jane Doe" field and enter in your name and your own email address. This will automatically send you and your photographer a copy of the styling boards created.

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