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    Submit Drafts for Review in Letterdrop

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    Navigate to [](
    Start in your projects and click the article you want to submit.
    Click "Go to draft"
    If you copy and paste your article into the draft form, please make sure to adjust formatting as needed, including: - Adding your title -Adding your meta data (where it says subheader) - Fixing spacing. Note that there are also some awesome tools you can use in-platform, including Grammarly and SEO optimization. When your draft is complete, click "Review and submit"
    Click "Blog Post"
    To update any details in your meta description or title, go below.
    Click on the button in the righthand corner to submit for review. For me this button says "schedule." For you it likely says something else. Note that you must click this button in order to submit.
    Tip! Another way to submit a draft for review is to go to projects and manually drag your article to review.
    First, click on Projects
    Under "Draft," click on the article you want to move. Then drag it under "Final Review"
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