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    Submitting a Kaltura video for a Blackboard Assignment

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    Within your Blackboard course, click on the assignment you want to submit a video for.
    Click "View assessment"
    Kaltura Videos are added within the submission text area.
    Click on the Plus Sign Icon - the tooltip will read "Insert Content."
    Click on "Content Market"
    In the overlay menu that opens, click "Kaltura Embed"
    From here, you can choose to upload a new video, or submit a previously uploaded video. To upload a new video, click on "+Add New."
    Click "Media Upload"
    Click "Choose a file to upload" to browse for a video on your computer, or drag and drop a video into the box.
    Enter any video details required, such as the name or a description.
    Click "Save." The video will begin to upload.
    Once uploaded, click "Save and Embed"
    Then click "Insert." The video will be added automatically to your assignment.
    Click "Submit" when you are ready to submit your assignment.
    Click "Submit." At this point you will receive a submission receipt if your assignment has been submitted successfully.
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