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    Submitting a Personal Injury Claim through DHCS

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    Request Index Number

    To open a claim with DHCS you have to obtain the index number. You can obtain the index number in two ways; You can ask the client to send you a picture of their Medi-cal card or you can request the index number via DHCS portal. \*\*\**As of 11/01/2023 you will need the client's social security number to open a claim.\*\*\**
    This an example of how the Medi-cal card might look. You will only use the first 9 digits ending with the letter. For example; 91610794A
    Search for DHCS index request
    Select "[[TPLRD Online Inquiries - DHCS - \[]]\](<>)[["]]
    Click "[[Medi-Cal Beneficiary Client Index Number Request]]"
    Enter Code from the Image or Audio.
    Please notice that the session will expire in 20 minutes, you must submit the needed information before the window times out.
    Select "*Attorney (Plaintiff)*"
    Add your name.
    For "**Submitter's Firm/Organization Name**" type "Bauman Law APLC"
    Add our office's Phone Number. "(818)-285-0222"
    Click the "**Email Address**" and add the email where you would like to received the index number (preferably your Bauman Law personal email)
    Use client's Contact card to field Section B.
    Add client's last name.
    Add client's first name.
    Add client's **Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)**.
    Add client's Social Security Number (SSN). \*\* SSN does not come in the intake. Please call the client and ask for the SSN.
    Click the "Check if you agree to the statement below."
    Click the "submit" button.
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