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    Switch Contact to new Campaign on Clickthrough

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      In the Automations Home page, click "ADD" to create a new Automation.
      Give your new Automation a name and click "ADD".
      Set the Automation Trigger as "New Clickthrough", and click "CONFIRM".
      Click the "+" icon to add the Next Step.
      The Next Step is to filter your campaigns to show just the one you are interested in. Click "Filter".
      Clicking "Filter" will display new options to find the Campaign you wish to automate. In the Object field select "Campaign".
      Setting the Object to "Campaign" will then display the Field option. Use the dropdowns to select "Campaign Name".
      Set the Operator to "Equal to".
      For the Value field, use the search to find your campaign. In this example the campaign name is "Summer Promotion 1".
      Next, click "+ AND" to select the "Campaign Stage" you want to automate.
      As with the Campaign filter, use the dropdowns to select your "Campaign Stage" to automate.
      Find the "Campaign Stage" from the dropdown list. In this example, the stage is called "Summer Promotion 1 Stage 1".
      Then click "CONFIRM"
      Next, click the "+" icon to set what you want to happen next.
      Click the "Action" options.
      Then select "+/- Contact to/from Campaign".
      Next, in the dropdown box select "Remove from".
      This will display new options. Use the dropdowns to select the "Campaign" and "Campaign Stage" you want to remove contacts from when the contact clicks through on an email link.
      Again you can use the search function to find the Campaign and Campaign Stage you want to automate.
      Next click "CONFIRM"

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