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    Swych Paper Trading Setup Guide

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    When using a mobile wallet such as MetaMask Mobile, all steps will need to be completed via the wallets built-in browser.
    TrustWallet is not compatible with the BNB Smart Chain Testnet.\ \ Please use MetaMask for Paper Trading.
    Navigate to [https://chainlist.org/](https://chainlist.org/)
    Click "Connect Wallet" and follow the prompts to connect your wallet
    Click the "Search Networks" field and type in "BNB"
    Click the "Include Testnets" field
    Find "BNB Smart Chain Testnet" and then click "Add to Metamask" and then "Approve"
    Navigate to [https://testnet.bnbchain.org/faucet-smart](https://testnet.bnbchain.org/faucet-smart)
    Click here, and then complete the Captcha
    Click the "Input your BNB Smart Chain address" field. Paste your wallet address into the box
    Click "Give me BNB"
    Click "0.1 BNB"\ \ *Please note, you can repeat this step once every 24 hours*
    Navigate to the [Swych Perpetual Exchange](https://trade.swych.finance/#/trade)
    Select the dropdown arrow
    Click "BNB Testnet" and then connect your wallet
    Switch the asset to “ETH” by selecting the current shown asset in the "Use" section
    Click "ETH"
    Click "Mint" and then "Approve" the transaction in your wallet
    Repeat steps 14 -16 for BTC and USDT
    Copy the supplied token contract addresses and add them to your wallet as a custom token with the “Import Tokens” option MUSDT - 0x5461fb388393870Ec630D92C71F42e32495B8569 METH - 0x8167A3b69416815d5582033399d50e2Ef10e3629 MBTC - 0xa9f39B29E5B06c52cB6c2b946D376fF0D88B2f2D
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