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    Telematics Icon/Color Glossary**

        Trucking Schedule and Activity Logs

        If the Drv+ appears in green, this indicates that a driver added the task to his own schedule.
        "Add New Schedule" colored dots represent the priority level.

        Grid Views

        Green boxes indicate general trucking. \ Blue boxes indicate equipment moves.\ Gray boxes signal the move is complete. \ If the boxes have a dotted line around them, this indicates they are currently in draft status.

        Employee Color Types

        Employee types have colors. These colors could be different dependent on the companies preferences.

        Equipment Categories

        Each equipment type will have its own color. The colors will be dependent on the companies preferences.
        OT= Other. The system can not identify if this is an excavator, crane, truck, etc.

        Location/Geofence Colors

        Locations and Geofences have assorted colors. These are also visible in the geofences drawn in maps. D-Dealer\ D-Dump\ H-Company Owned\ P-Project\ Q-Quarry\ S-Supplier

        Map Status Icons

        Red Stop= equipment is stopped\ Yellow Pause= equipment is idling\ Green Arrow= Equipment is driving\ Gray Dot= Indicates there is a machine that was located there (last known location), but we do not have information on if it is running, idle, or stopped. i.e., telematics provides do not give us the information, or could be a trench-box that was dropped, etc.

        Equipment Blocks

        The ! notifications indicate TAGs. You will see this on screens like the list tab on the operations dashboard. Blue- low severity\ Yellow- medium severity\ Red- High severity\ Target- telematics alerts


        Prevailing Wage

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