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Testing Engagement Segments in HubSpot

Created by Mike Donnelly | 11 steps
The first step is to create a workflow that starts on a specific date. You should select the date that you want your email to be sent.
You'll then need to create your contact enrollment trigger. In this example, we're using a single "Active" list as the starting criteria.
You'll then set the time that you want your email to start delivering to your recipients. In this example, we're selecting 12:00am based on our account's time zone setting.
The date and time you select will also serve as the cut off point for any additional contacts who meet the starting criteria. For example, if a contact meets the starting criteria or is added to an "Active" list at 12:01am on the date selected, they will not be enrolled or sent an email. The easiest way to think about this is when you send a one-off / scheduled email in HubSpot, you have to select a time that you want your email to be sent and after that point, anyone who becomes part of the list(s) you selected will not be sent the email.
Underneath the delay step, click on the "+" sign to add a workflow action step. You'll then want to select the "Engagement segment split" action step.
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