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    The Hill Academy: Privit Registration Instructions

      NEED HELP? Privit Support Desk: 1-844-234-4357 (Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET) or contact our Help Center
      Start by clicking on this []( or entering it into your browser (NOTE no www.) RETURNING STUDENT/ATHLETES - Click [[LOG IN]] and use your email and password from last year NEW STUDENT/ATHLETES - Click the blue [[REGISTER]] tab and select your role as “PARENT / GUARDIAN” - Verify your email address and phone # - After verifying your information, click on the blue the Home tab. This will direct you towards the Home page.
      On the left side of the Home page underneath your name as the Parent Guardian, click "Add Student Athlete" After adding your student into the account, click on their name, a new Home page will open where you can begin completing the required student information [[Be sure to input your student's name]]
      From the Home screen, click the [[GENERAL INFORMATION]] tab and input your STUDENT INFORMATION.
      From the Home screen, click the [[JOINED TEAMS]] tab and select team you’re associated with.
      From the Home screen, click on [[PERSONAL DETAILS]] and fill out your demographic information. Click the blue Save & Exit tab when finished.
      [[NOTE]] Please add parent/guardian information. Information here will be used as primary contacts in case of an emergency
      From the Home screen, click on [[E-PPE QUESTIONNAIRE]]. Complete all required fields. Click the blue Save & Exit tab when finished. (Note: Make certain the E-PPE Questionnaire is 100% complete before moving on to Step 6.)
      From the Home screen, click on [[TRANSPORTATION AUTHORIZATION]]. Complete all the required questions, then click on the blue Submit tab when finished. Upon completion, you’ll be directed back to the Home screen.
      [[Creating E-Signature]] - A new message will appear, click the blue tab “Create New Signature”. [[-]] As the Parent/Guardian you will create your own signature. Use the cursor on a computer or with your finger on a tablet device or upload a previously designed signature to create an electronic signature. Click SAVE and then DONE to return to the Home screen. From the Home page underneath or beside the form click on SIGN and a new screen will open with your e-signature. Attest then click SIGN DOCUMENT. Click DONE to return to the Home page. [[-]] On the Home screen under this form, it will now indicate student athlete click here to sign. Click there and repeat the same process to create and apply your student athlete’s e-signature. Once everything is complete, on the student athlete’s Home page underneath this form there will be a green check mark indicating Signed by Parent/Guardian and Signed by Student Athlete.
      From the student’s Home screen, click the [[START]] tab beside the forms listed on the home screen. Complete all the required information within each form then apply the corresponding e-signatures to the documents.
      [[NEW STUDENT ATHLETES ONLY]] The [[Dr. Clearence Note for Sport]] must be uploaded into your account as part of registration. You can print out your Privit medical history or utilize another examination form. However please ensure that following an appointment a doctor has signed off on an examination form. You will need to upload this into your Privit account. Before uploading it, you will need to save a copy of the document on to your computer OR take a photo of the form with your tablet or smartphone device or scan the document. If you are using a smartphone or tablet to upload, please open the internet browser on your mobile device and type in The Hill Academy Privit website []( (NOTE no www.), then log in to your account. [[1.]] From your Home page, scroll down to UPLOAD DOCUMENTS and click on Dr. Clearence Note for Sport [[2.]] Click Choose File to search and select the document. (If you are accessing this page from a mobile device, you will be prompted to take a picture or select a photo of the document from the photo album.) [[3.]] Click Upload. [[4.]] You will be directed to the Manage Documents page. You should see the uploaded document and any other documents that have been submitted. Click the blue Done tab to return to the Home screen
      Please review the required uploads below based on your citizenship. [[Domestic Student Athletes (Required Uploads)]] [[•]] Health Card [[Dual Citizenship(US and Canada) Student Athletes (Required Uploads)]] [[•]] Medical Insurance for Intl Students [[•]] Custodian Declaration if under 17(ensure document is notarized prior to uploading) [[International Student Athletes (Required Uploads)]] [[•]] Student Visa [[•]] Medical Insurance for Intl Students [[•]] Custodian Declaration if under 17(ensure document is notarized prior to uploading)
      After you’ve successfully submitted all the required documents, you’ll be directed back towards your Home screen. On your Home screen, the Completion Status bar will turn green and indicate [[Submission Complete]]. If the status bar is still orange and indicating Submission Incomplete, hover your cursor to see what still needs to be completed.
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