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    The RCCU1 App: Signup & Parent-Teacher Communication

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    If You Have Not Created a Rooms Account

    Locate Your Child's Magic Code. If you have not received a code via email, you can request a code from your child's teacher. (If your child has multiple teachers, any one of them should be able to provide you with the code).
    Navigate to [](
    Enter the magic code for your student. If you have more than one student, you'll get the opportunity to add them in the next step.
    If you have multiple students / codes, you can click "add another student". Once all your students have been added, click "Next".
    Fill in your first & last name and email. Click "Sign Up".
    Create your password.

    Downloading / Signing into the App

    Locate and download the app one of the following ways. 1. In the iOS/iPhone App store: Search "RCCU1" 2. In the Google/Android Store: Search "Richland County CUSD" 3. In your phone's web browser, navigate to any of the school websites, and scroll to the bottom of the page... links to the app are provided there.
    Within the RCCU1 App, tap on "Rooms" at the bottom right to toggle over to the messaging side of the app.
    Use the credentials you created with your students "magic code" (email address and password). If you haven't already set your account up and added your students, navigate back to the first section of this tutorial.

    Navigating Rooms in the RCCU1 App

    After logging in (if you aren't familiar with how, navigate to the previous section of this tutorial), you will initially be taken to a menu screen. This screen also allows you to: 1. Change your various settings (gear icon at the top) like notifications, etc. (**REMINDER: You'll need your notifications set both within the app and your phone's settings to ensure that you are notified when teachers send announcements and messages!).** 2. Choose which class you would like to view the announcements and messages for. 3. Toggle between your students if you have more than one (bottom of the screen).
    When you click on a class, you'll see the "Stream" for that course. This is where your student's teacher will post "announcements": one-way communications from the teacher that contain important info for the entire class. Note: you cannot reply to these. If you need to comment or ask a question about an announcement, you'll need to do that in a "message" (directions in the next step).
    To access other features in the class (like messages), tap on the menu icon at the bottom of the "Stream" page (orange). You can also navigate to other classes by clicking on the icon at the bottom left (red).
    From the class menu you can choose: - Messages: a 2-way/direct messaging feature. This will allow you to send a direct message to class teachers. For instructions on messaging teachers/coaches in the app click here:<> - Materials: A space for important resources and information that a teacher may post for your reference - Class Info: A space for important information that your teacher may utilize - \*Classwork is unlikely to be utilized. For online classwork, our district utilizes Schoology for Grades 2-12 and SeeSaw for Grades K-1.

    For Guardians Who Cannot Access the App

    Some guardians do not have a smartphone or cannot download/utilize the app for data reasons. If that's the case for you, communications from your student's teachers can still be accessed!
    Navigate to [](
    Enter your login info and click "Sign in" (again, if you haven't set up your account, navigate to the first section of this tutorial).

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