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    The Seller Report

        Alert! Please note that this feature requires your Brokerage and/or local MLS's participation with ListTrac, a 3rd party vendor.
        On any ACTIVE Listing Detail, click "Seller Report"
        Here, all information that has been collected via ListTrac will automatically populate within the System.
        Details include data points such as Total Listing Views
        Total Listing Views by Site
        Recap of the last 30 days' activity
        Visual graphics
        And information regarding Top Cities in which the listing has been viewed.
        If your brokerage is utilizing the Marketing Management Module, the System will also compile any applicable marketing pieces which have been created for the listing from your marketing team.
        To send the Seller Report via email, Click "Email Report"
        Tip! Your agents can add their email and set up an auto-send so they receive updates automatically in their inboxes.
        Here, you can either send the email immediately or on a reoccurring schedule.
        The recurring schedule can be auto-scheduled based on your agent's or their client's preferences.
        The Seller Report can also be downloaded as a PDF for use in other applications.
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