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    Tracking Removal Orders on Amazon Seller Central

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    Navigate to [](
    Click Menu
    Click "Orders"
    Click "Manage Orders"
    You may be directed to "Seller Fulfilled Orders page". If so, click "View FBA orders"
    Click "Non-Amazon"
    Click "Order ID"
    Removal method can be Liquidation, Dispose and Return
    On the right side, order statuses can be seen. For this example, total number of liquidations is three, two of them are successfully liquidated, none of them are canceled and one of them is still pending for liquidation
    For liquidations, "View recovery summary" option is available
    After clicking "View recovery summary", gross revenues can be displayed separately for each liquidations
    For detailed view, click one of "Shipment ID's"
    Liquidation is the most affordable method of removal. In most cases, you get paid for liquidations whereas for other removal methods, one needs to pay at least $ 0.97 averaging $2-$4
    "Total Product Charges" is the gross revenue after liquidation. "Amazon Fees" is the amount Amazon deducts for providing the service "Total" is the final amount added to your balance.
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