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    Triad Bright Futures District Help Ticket

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    Navigate to [](
    Click on the top corner hamburger menu.
    Click "Get Help"
    Please enter your full name and email. While your phone contact is optional, we highly encourage to provide it in case you require a phone call.
    Click on the "School District" category, and then select your school district.
    On the subject field add the main issue you need assistance with. On the message field, please input a more in-depth description of your inquiry.
    If you need to include someone from your organization in the thread, you'll be able to do so by clicking on "Add CC"
    If you need to add documents, you'll be able to do so via this drop box.
    You will have to complete a captcha verification.
    Once you complete that step, you'll be able to submit your ticket by clicking on "Create ticket"

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