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    UKG PRO: Summary Payroll Register

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Administration"
    Click "Reporting"
    Click "Standard Reports"
    Click "Available"
    Click the first dropdown, select "Report Category"\ Click the second dropdown, select "Payroll History"\ Then, click "Search".
    Click "Summary Payroll Register"
    Click into both of the date fields, and enter in the check date.
    Highlight your selection, and utilize the second arrow to move the property into the selection box.
    Utilize the top arrow to move all available options into the selection box, on the top right, click "Next".
    Click on Work Location and utilize the arrow to move the option into the selected box.
    If you have a location with multiple locations, you want to create a page break in between Work Locations.
    Name your report accordingly.
    Click the "Save report template" field to easily run your report in the future.\ \ Click into the "Template Name" box to re-name your template. When finished, click "Next" on the top right.
    Click the "Finish" field to run your report.
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