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    [UPDATED] Sync an Asana portfolio to Google Sheets

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    Set up a Google Sheet

    Navigate to <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18hM-VghfW-tyukk7Z3Zo5Q-OpfNp4SJpV2ckmbZ_7Q4/copy>
    Click "Make a copy".
    Go back to Asana and copy the link provided in the portfolio.
    Go back to the Google Sheet creared and click "Extensions".
    Click "Asana Exports".
    Click "Sync with Asana".
    The first time it will ask you to grant access from your Google Account. Click "Ok".
    Select your Google account.
    Click "Allow".
    Repeat steps to "Sync with Asana".
    Paste the URL of the portfolio you copied earlier and click "Ok".
    Give Asana a minute to populate the Google Sheet with the data from the portfolio.

    Get the Asana Exports add-onn for Google Workspace

    Click "Asana Exports".\ \ *This will take you to the [Asana Exports](https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/asana_exports/766596199153) add-on for Google Workspace.*
    Click "Continue".
    Read the terms and privacy policy, and Agree.
    Click "Finish.
    Click "Done".
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