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    Unable to Submit an FBA Session on Bookz Pro

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    After submitting a session, it has to be accepted in 48 hours. If not, the error code below will be displayed and shipment can not be accepted. If so, follow the steps below.
    Click "DECLINE"
    Click "YES"
    Canceled FBA session will be under "CANCELED FBA SESSIONS" tab
    In order to transfer items from a canceled session or shipment, a new FBA session should be created. If there is already an open session(not submitted yet), transfer can be made into that session
    To transfer the items in the canceled session, click 3 dots on the right side of related canceled session
    Click "Transfer Items to an open session"
    Select desired open session for transferring
    All items are transferred into the new session
    Click "Continue Listing"
    After transferring, new listings can be added to the session.
    Click "MENU"
    Click "Submit Session"
    Click "Accept/Decline FBA Shipments"
    Click "ACCEPT"
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