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    Unmerge Donor Records

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      Tip! Use the Donation Data in the JSON to first determine which transactions belong to what donor. A good indication is address information, first name, and last name.
      Navigate to [https://donations.idonate.com/donor/view/6f040df0-ab48-4ec0-b2fd-eaaafac65fc4](https://donations.idonate.com/donor/view/6f040df0-ab48-4ec0-b2fd-eaaafac65fc4)
      Open a transaction from the Donor's record in Next that you or the organization believes should belong on a different donor's record.
      After you have confirmed via the JSON Donation Data that this donation does NOT belong on this current donor's record, navigate to the top right of the screen and click "replace"
      You can also confirm which donor this transaction belongs to in this window. As you can see, Jessica Mesa's email was used for this donation, but Nanyc Haynes' personal information is associated with the donation. Therefore, this donation actually belongs to Nancy.
      We can also see that this is Nancy's address, not Jessica. This further confirms that this donation belongs on Nancy's record, not Jessica's.
      If the correct donor already has an existing donor record, pull up their record in Next. Here you can see I have pulled up Nancy's donor record.
      Copy the correct donor's Donor ID to your clipboard.
      Go back to the Replace Donor window on the transaction you pulled up from before and locate the Donor Id field. Remove the old Donor Id, and paste the correct donor's ID (Nancy's) in this field.
      Tip! If the correct donor does NOT have an existing Donor Record in GMS Next, LEAVE THE DONOR ID FIELD BLANK.
      Click "Create Donor and Apply Changes"

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