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    Update User Credit Card Information

        Alert! BEGIN WITH IMPERSONATION To update a User's Credit Card information, they must be logged in to the system. Therefore, we will begin by impersonating the User whose information should be updated.

        Impersonating an Agent

        Click "Agents"
        Click "Active"
        LOCATE USER Remember that Impersonation can be achieved by either navigating to the Agent roster and selecting 'Impersonate,' or by using the Search feature and clicking on the Agent's headshot. For this example, we are using the Agent Roster View, and will click the 'Impersonate' icon.
        IMPERSONATION VIEW Notice that the word "Impersonating" will appear at the top right of the window any time a User is being impersonated.

        Adding Credit Card Information

        Click "Edit Profile"
        NAVIGATE TO PAYMENT SETTINGS Once on the User's Profile, locate "Payment Settings," and then click "Add Credit Cards." Additionally, if a credit card already exists, there will be an option to edit it.
        If there is an existing card to be edited, click "Edit". Here, you can also choose to add a new card by clicking on "Add another card to pay".
        To delete an existing card, select it here.
        And then click the delete button on the left.
        Click "Delete" to delete the card entirely.
        Click "Close".
        To add a new card, click "Add Credit Cards".
        Enter the card details, and click "Submit"
        Upon completion of adding or editing payment information, remember to "Exit Impersonation".
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