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    Updating a Scribe's Sharing Permissions

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      Scribes can be shared with your team on Scribe or via a link with a broader audience. By default, any Scribe you create is only visible to you until you make it more broadly available. The below Scribe outlines the different options you have for sharing individual Scribes.
      Navigate to the Scribe you want to share and click on the Share button.
      In the upper left, you have the option to adjust the sharing settings for your Scribe: 1. Not Shared = it's visible only to you (default) 2. Shared with Team = your fellow teammates on Scribe can view and edit this Scribe 3. Shareable with Link = anyone with the link can view your Scribe
      You also have the option to share with individuals directly via email.
      For each individual you share with, you can choose between "View" or "Edit" capability.

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