Uploading and Editing a Audio Files | Scribe

    Uploading and Editing a Audio Files

        Emergency Player Assets

        Click "Playlist Assets"
        Asset Table
        Click the upload Fill File button to upload new assets
        Click Add Files to add multiple audio files
        **Accepted Audio Files:** WAV MP3 WMA AAC M4A
        Dont worry about samplerate - Emergency Player will sample rate convert
        Click "Start upload" to star uploading
        Click "Close" when uploaded is complete
        Navigate to the newly added asset and preview using the play button
        Click the pause button to stop the audio
        To Delete the asset simply click the delete button
        Click OK to delete and cancel to cancel
        Click here to launch the asset editing window

        Asset Editing Window

        Asset Edit Window
        Click "Play" to start the asset - note you'll see the navigation marker starting moving
        Click "Pause" to stop asset

        Setting ID Markers

        ID Markers allow you to insert ID assets into the playback
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