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      A heartfelt personal story can encourage your supporters to engage emotionally with your org's message and move them to take further action. The Stories feature makes it easier for you to collect these testimonials and verify their details before sharing them with your campaigns or marketing staff. This is an example of the form view that your Story Submitter will see.

      Create an Online Action Form: Stories

      This option allows you to publish and promote a story collection form more broadly. Depending on where you choose to publish the form link, you may collect new contacts interested in having their story shared through your org.
      Click the 9 box cube on the upper right-hand side of the page and select ONLINE ACTIONS.
      From the Online Actions home page click CREATE NEW FORM.
      Stories submitted by existing EA contacts will automatically be attached to their contact profile with a STATUS of submitted. \ \ You must have an EA profile to have a story submitted.
      For more in-depth instruction on how to set up an Online Action Form, see the 4 part series of guides, the first of which is [Set Up Online Actions Tabs: 1 Basics](

      Add a Story Manually

      This is suitable for contacts you already have in your network who have opted to share a story that you now want to add into the database.
      From the EA homepage, click into the search bar located on the left-hand side. Type "stories" into the search bar and select when it populates.
      Click ADD NEW STORY.
      The first required step is to add contact information to the Story. Under the header "Contact", click into the SEARCH FOR A CONTACT dropdown box.
      Type the Story owner's name into the search bar or paste the VANID of the Story owner's contact information. Click when it populates.
      Using a VANID to search is the most accurate way, however you can also search by typing the Story owner's name into the search bar. Be sure to check that the VANID matches to your intended Story owner's VANID as there may be multiple contacts with the same name.
      Click into STORY TITLE to give the story a title. Story Title is limited to 100 characters.
      Story Title's are searchable from Create a List. Be sure to write a title that is usable/accurate/memorable.
      Click into STORY to paste or type the story. Stories are limited to 8,000 characters. If the user's story is longer than 8,000 characters or is in a different file format, it can be added in a later step and this story box can be a brief summary/description instead.
      After the story is created, you will be able to attach files, such as a story's full text when it is greater than 8,000 characters. \ \ Continue reading the guide for steps on how to do so.
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