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    Using GoGuardian for Illuminate Testing

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the grade level and subject area you will be testing in
    Always start by looking at the pacing calendar
    Locate the assessment
    If the assessment isn't linked on the Pacing Calendar, locate the separate document where assessments are listed
    Identify the unique Illuminate ID
    Highlight then right click to copy or use the shortcut Ctrl+C
    In a new tab, navigate to [](
    Open up Illuminate
    Click "View Assessments"
    Click "All Assessments"
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[v]]
    In the search box, paste the Illuminate Test ID by right-clicking then hitting paste or using the shortcut Ctrl+V and then click "Search"
    Click the "Action" drop down menu
    Click "Administer"
    Click "Test with Quick Code"
    Click "Edit"
    Click "Show" after "Tool Settings"
    If you have students that require audio read-alouds as part of their accommodation, click the "Enable" field for TTS Question and Passage. If you do not, please disregard this step.
    Click the "Enable" field for both "Highlighting" and "Color Contrast" for ALL students so they can have practice using these features for their SOLs
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