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    Using Teacher Assist AI to generate questions in Edpuzzle

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Search or paste YouTube URL" field.
    Type the subject of the video you want to look for
    Click "Search"
    Click "YouTube"
    Note: in order for Teacher Assist AI feature to work, choose videos from well-known or reputable sources. Why? We need the video to have closed captions available and be widely viewed in order for the AI function to work.
    When you have selected the video you want to use, click "Edit"
    Click "Questions"
    Click "Generate questions" and choose either "Open-ended" or "Multiple choice"
    Check the auto-generated questions to see if they are suitable
    Click on the purple droplet to check through all questions. Note: you can edit the questions and answers if you want to change anything!
    If you are happy with the questions click "Finish" Note: you can add your own questions/notes should you wish!
    Click "Assign"
    Assign the new lesson to your class. Done!
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