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    Using and Toggling On-Screen Controls When Capturing a Scribe

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      The following guide can only be used in the scenario during the capturing of a Scribe via Browser
      The following steps are the references for the specific functions from the on-screen controls - **Pausing Mid Capture** - Step 4 - **Moving On-Screen Controls** - Step 6 - **Smart Blur** - Step 9
      Click the Scribe extension in the address bar of the browser
      Click the "Start Capture" button
      Click the "Show Controls" button

      Pausing a Capture

      Controls will open at the edge of the screen
      Engaging controls mid capture will not show in the captured steps of the Scribe itself
      To pause the capture mid creation , press the "Pause Capture"

      Moving On-Screen Controls

      Click the "Resume" button to end the pause of the capture
      Click the "Move Controls" button
      Click the location on screen that the user wishes to move the controls to

      Smart Blur

      Click the "Smart Blur" button
      The Smart Blur options will show on screen\ \ As user toggles options it will automatically blur as the user continues to capture ( see blurred examples on screen )
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