Using the Meet Builder | Scribe

    Using the Meet Builder

      Open the meet builder by navigating to the meet schedule and selecting the "Add Meet" button and selecting "Manually"
      Enter the correct start and ending dates for your meet. When completed, click "Next."
      Click "Add team" to add your competitors.
      Alert! When you add your competitors to your meet, you are also automatically adding this meet to their meet schedule.
      Click "Select team"
      Type "Your Competitor's Team Name"
      Click "Your Competitor's Team Name"
      After adding all of your competitors, you can next add the aquatic facility where your meet is being hosted,
      Type in the name of the facility
      Click on the correct facility
      Click "Next"
      Select one of the meet event templates provided by Swimcloud.
      Click "Next"
      Alert! This step is only necessary if you would like to get an email confirmation of the meet's creation. This is optional.
      Click the "Email me a confirmation of this meet being created" field.
      The final step is to click "Add" button.
      Alert! The meet is created. You can continue adding more meets to your schedule or you can edit the details of this meet.
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