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    Using the Proxi Maps Chrome Extension - Map My Blog

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    Download the Proxi Chrome Extension

    Ensure that you are in a Google Chrome browser. Navigate to the Google Chrome store ( Search for "Proxi". Select the Proxi Chrome Extension.
    Alternatively, you can navigate directly to this link: [](
    Click "Add To Chrome".
    Look for the puzzle piece on the top right side of your chrome application. Click it and then click the "pin" button next to the Proxi Extension.

    Log into Proxi

    If you are not already logged into Proxi, click the Proxi Icon that is now pinned to your Toolbar. You will see a pop-up prompting you to log in to Proxi.
    If you are having trouble logging in to the extension, navigate to []( and try to log in there. This login will propagate to the extension. If the problem persists reach out to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
    Once you are logged in, we are ready to start mapping!

    Add Places to Your Map by Highlighting Information on the Page

    If you haven't made the Proxi Map that you plan to add points to yet, navigate to [Proxi.Co](http://Proxi.Co) and generate it. We have a walkthrough of how to get started with Proxi here --> [](
    Start Your Search! In this example, we're looking for Hikes in Seattle to add to a Proxi Map. After doing some googling, we found this page.

    Option 1: Auto-Map Places to New Map

    Once you have found a URL you would like to pull map points from, click the Proxi Chrome Extension at the top right of your browser. Then click 'Auto Map Places with MapsGPT'.
    You'll spend a few seconds waiting while our technology works its magic! During this time, our technology is scanning the URL for points and geocoding them for you.
    Select the points you would like to add to a map.
    You can select individual points by checking the boxes next to points you would like on your map.
    Or you can select 'Check All' to add all of the points to a map.
    You can choose to "Add to New Map" or "Add to Existing Map" depending on where you would like your points to appear.
    I clicked "Add to New Map". Here you can rename your map from the automatically generated name. This name will appear as a title at the top of your map. Next, you will confirm your map center. This is important for two reasons. First, this will help us ensure the points we put on your map are the right ones. Secondly, it will serve as the visual center of your map.
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