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    Using the Virtual Terminal

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      Tip! You must be an admin in your organization's CardPointe portal to access the Virtual Terminal.
      Navigate to [](
      Click "Virtual Terminal"
      Click "Billing Plans"
      Click "New Billing Plan"
      Click the "Search for a customer" field and enter the last name of your donor.
      Click on your donors profile to autofill his payment and billing information.
      Select the Country dropdown next to the Zip Code field.
      Select "Other (Non US)"
      Click "Always use default payment method for this profile"
      Click "Email Receipt" if desired.
      Select the donation start date.
      Choose how often the donor will be billed.
      Choose when the recurring donation will expire.
      Enter the recurring donation amount.
      Click "Cardholder has given verbal or written permission to save profile and all associated cards at all locations."
      Click "Save Plan" to save.

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