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    Using the generate.TAX workflow

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    generate.TAX has a pre-set simple worflow which can help to manage the progress of any returns which are due.\ \ This guide will go through the different options and includes suggests on how these can be used.
    The workflow is within the individual VAT return which can be accessed by using the **Returns** button
    Use the **Generate tax report** button
    Check out [this guide]( to learn more about generating tax returns.
    **Draft** The newly generated tax return is a draft and not yet saved - this allows you to generate the return as many times as required to look at the transactions or to get a first check of the return.
    **Saved** Once the tax return is saved, this will create an entry in the returns page - this return can be opened / viewed anytime.
    **Refresh data** Allows you to download any new transactions which may have been added to the cloud accounting and need to be updated in this VAT return. In the example below, we had 81 transactions in the saved VAT return.
    Using the **Refresh data** button we will download changes
    Transactions changed from 81 to 91
    **Not Saved** This status now changes to Not Saved and you may decide to Save the return once again ot to ignore the changes and revert to the previous version of the return.
    You may use the **Back** button at any point in time to see all the previously created returns and their status.
    You can use the **View** button to open a previous return
    **Notes** You may leave a note in the Activity tab when changing status or during the processing of the return
    **Locked** Once the VAT return needs to be locked (possibly because the client has approved the return) it can be locked to ensure no more transactions are added or removed from the return.
    Confirming the lock screen will disable the refresh button
    The customer approval process is planned to be included as part of this workflow. This will allow you to send the return to the customer directly from the system - plus capture and feedback or approval.
    **Submitted** Once the vat return is ready to be submitted with authorities, you can use the **Mark as submitted with authorities** - this changes depending on territory and return since some suthorities allow automatic submission of the VAT return and for others this process is manual.
    Confirming the submission will change the status
    The **Activity** tab will show all the notes and actiona carried out by the users on this VAT return.
    **Cancel** There is also an option to cancel any saved returns which have not yet been submitted. This is handy when removing returns whuch have been created by mistake.
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