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    Validate requests and publish content - Semantics4BIM

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      Open your dictionary.
      "Requests" is only available for users with the role "Expert".
      Click "Requests" in the Management section.
      Select your change request.
      You could select the element in the list to verify the content before the validation.
      Click outside of the popup to close the window.
      Due to the distribution and notification systems are not deployed in the current version (Beta v1.0.1), we will not associate the area of expertise with any domain. The change request will be sent to the "Owner" of the dictionary directly. And it will be auto-validated. Layer, in cases associated with an area of expertise, the experts are responsible for the validation of content and the owner of the dictionary will be responsible for publishing validated content.
      Click "PUBLISH CHANGE REQUEST" if you confirm the publication of content.
      Click "PUBLISH" to confirm the action.
      After published, the status of all elements in the workspace will be changed to "PUBLISHED".

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