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    Velocity Report - Internal

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Company" field.
    Type "FTSiDonate"
    Click "Log In"
    Click "Manage Partner"
    Click "Velocity Exceptions"
    Click here to select all organizations.
    Click here and update to the day after the last report was pulled. (ex. last report is VR 8.10.22, update date to 8.11 to present day).
    Click "Run Report"
    Click this button to export report.
    Click "Excel"
    When the Excel file downloads: Save As current date Delete duplicate donations Highlight which amounts need to be increased
    Go to Copilot. Click "Customers"
    Double-click the "Search" field.
    Press [[cmd]] + [[v]]
    Click the organizations name.
    Click "Tickets"
    Click "Create Ticket"
    Click the "What type of ticket are you looking for?" field.
    Click "Onboarding"

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